Guardianship Fees 2016/2017

Our Guardianship Fees start from £999 per annum (or £400 per term) if you do not require host family accommodation. Students which do require host family accommodation, please select our Standard or Extra guardianship package. Please see the GUARDIANSHIP tab for further details.

We have a price matching policy should you be offered a comparable guardianship package by another company at a lower price.  If you wish to apply or have any queries, please e-mail

Agencies welcome.

Registration Fee:   £150 per family

Guardianship Service Basic Standard Extra
Guardianship Fees per annum (incl. VAT) or £999 £1,450 £1,700
Guardianship Fees per term (incl. VAT) £400 £500 £600

Student Expenses Account

An Expenses Account is required to meet expenses incurred by the student whilst in the UK, e.g. for host family accommodation, transport to the host family or the airport, etc.

The amount varies according to which level of guardianship is chosen.

Guardianship Service
Student Expenses Deposit required £500 £1,250 £1,500

Account statements will be sent to parents at the end of each term or when the account balance falls under £200 with a request to restore the deficit.

The balance remaining in this account will be refunded to parents at the end of the guardianship contract.

One of our day pupils with her host mother

One of our host families' homes less than 1 mile from Bishop's Stortford College

Terms and Conditions

In the event of sudden release of student by the school due to suspension or expulsion, accommodation will be charged at £75 per night for students aged 13 and over, and £80 per night for students aged 12 and under.

Students must respect the personal property of their host family. Any breakages or damage to the host family’s property will be charged to the student.

Students are prohibited from smoking, consuming alcohol or using recreational drugs whilst in the care of their host family. Any infringement of this rule will result in the student being sent home, the cost of which will be deducted from the student’s Expenses Fund.

Termination of Guardianship Contract; we require one term’s notice in writing if you wish to terminate your guardianship contract with us. Failure to give one term’s notice will result in one term’s fees being charged in lieu.