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我很高兴地确认,Kerstin Ross曾在2009/2010学年当我们在国外居住时为我的儿子Benjamin W做监护人。



我可以毫无保留地推荐Kerstin 为您的孩子的做监护人。


                                                                          Grace W


December 2010

To whom it may concern

I am pleased to confirm that Kerstin Ross acted as guardian to my son Ben during the academic year 2009/2010 whilst we were living outside the UK.  During the whole time as Ben's guardian, Kerstin proved herself to be caring, dedicated, efficient, trustworthy and most reliable.

On one occasion where Ben had made his own arrangements for a leave weekend, his friend cancelled on him at the last minute. Kerstin agreed at very short notice to put him up in her own home over the weekend, looked after him and even took him to an indoor ski slope for entertainment.

I can recommend Kerstin unreservedly as a guardian.                                         
Yours faithfully 
                                                                                                                    Grace W

Dear Kerstin,

Thank you very much Kerstin for taking care of T*** ... he very much enjoyed his time staying with you!!

Mr Ch, Hong Kong

Thank you very much for your great support. Without your help, K*** cannot adapt to the new environment quickly. Thanks, Kerstin

Thank you very much for your and Sabine and Stephen's hospitality. K*** always enjoy the time to stay at Sabine and your house.

Mrs L, Hong Kong

Thank you very much for your kind arrangements over the past few months and I will definitely ask for your assistance again in case D*** needs accommodation in Bishop's Stortford. Please also send my regards to the host family and I would like to thank them for taking care of D***.

Mrs S L, Hong Kong

Kerstin with a student during a recent pre-Christmas trip to Cambridge

Kerstin has done a fine job in assisting us in our absence abroad...

We also compliment Anglia Guardians excellent services in settling any immediate requests for assistance in school matters.

Mr E, Oman

D*** told us that he likes very much your family ... and the time he spend at your home with you. 

Mr. O, Riga

Many thanks for you kind assistance during my wife's and daughter's visit of School and Bishop's Stortford. Very appreciate for airport meeting, transfers and useful visit of host
family which was very pleasant indeed.

Mr. G, Riga

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